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September 16, 2019

Grace and Tyler’s Cedar Key Engagement Session

As I drove towards Cedar Key to meet Grace and Tyler for their engagement session, rainy skies were ahead. We prayed that the storm clouds would roll away. Sure enough, the moment I pulled up to their cute little cottage the sun decided to come out and play. This beautiful island on the west coast of Florida holds a special place in their heart. Grace grew up coming to Cedar Key with her family and now enjoys sharing this spot with Tyler. so much that they have decided to honeymoon there. They rented a golf cart so that we could enjoy the breeze and scenery as we moved around from spot to spot. They took me to so many hidden spot in Cedar Key that I had never seen. Cedar Key is located in Levy County which is the same county that I grew up in.

Our first stop that day was at the exact location where Tyler popped the question. Tucked along the shoreline is a little bench where they were sitting when it all went down. We had to patiently wait to use this spot because there was a father and son fishing there. While we waited I found was some beautiful tall grass down a hidden trail that I asked them to go stand in. Tyler snuggled up with Grace to protect her from the snakes and went in for some gentle tickles to get her laughing. Next, we walked along the shore line where they danced and ran alongside the water. Tyler picked up Grace and spun her around and then she went in for the kiss. They were so easy to work with because every idea I had, they put their own spin on it and fully committed to each pose.

Back to the golf cart we went to find our next spot. We made our way to downtown Cedar Key which is probably all of 5 blocks. There was a beautiful blue wall that we used as a backdrop. Tyler kept Grace laughing the entire shoot. As sunset started to roll around, we made our way to the famous sunset point. The couple snuggled up on the rocks and enjoyed the last of our glorious day together!

These two were so comfortable with each other, they had an absolute blast while putting up with my silly prompts! Their wedding is coming up next month at All Souls Historic Chapel and Venue 1902 and I can’t wait to capture some more beautiful memories for these two!!

UPDATE – Link to Tyler and Grace’s Wedding, here


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